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How can I purchase CoDA endorsed books in the Netherlands?

To make it easier for individuals and CoDA groups in the Netherlands to have CoDA endorsed literature, CoDA Intergroup has appointed an Intergroup Literature Person. This person purchases books, booklets and pamphlets from website (USA) or CoDA UK and acts as distributor for groups in the Netherlands.

Please contact the Intergroup Literature Person via:

It is not obligatory to use this service; groups and individuals can place their own private orders using the online shops on the following websites: or

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No Image Available “In This Moment” Daily Meditation Book
A meditation for each day of the year, written by codependents, for codependents. Comes with a durable cover for daily...
Price: €Codependents Anonymous
No Image Available Am I Codependent?
Basic information pamphlet
Price: €Codependents Anonymous
No Image Available Attending Meetings
Basic information pamphlet
Price: €Codependents Anonymous
No Image Available Carrying The Message – Living The Twelfth Step
Practical examples of healthy service work essential to the continuation of any meeting and to CoDA as a whole. How...
Price: €Codependents Anonymous
No Image Available Coda 12 & 12 Workbook
The new 2019 (latest) version of the CoDA Steps & Traditions Workbook for individuals and step study groups. Takes the reader...
Price: €Codependents Anonymous
No Image Available Coda Big Book
New 3rd UK Printing, 3rd Edition. Contains in-depth readings on recovery, the CODA Fellowship, common questions, and personal stories from...
Price: €Codependents Anonymous
No Image Available CODA Pocket Big Book
In depth readings on recovery, our Fellowship, common questions, Twelve Steps & Traditions, Patterns of CoDependence, etc. only without the...
Price: €Codependents Anonymous
No Image Available Common Threads Of Codependence
Codependents talk about codependency, recovery, relapse and authenticity.  
Price: €Codependents Anonymous
No Image Available Establishing Boundaries In Recovery
Basic information pamphlet
Price: €Codependents Anonymous
No Image Available Experiences With Crosstalk
Experience, strength, and hope on what Crosstalk is how members deal with it, and how it applies to individuals and...
Price: €Codependents Anonymous

The list of literature available in the Netherlands is posted and updated on this website. The Intergroup Literature Person sells only books, booklets and pamphlets that are CoDA approved.

Please note that the list contains some literature that is no longer re-printed by CoDA but the last copies might still be available for sale in the Netherlands.

Prices of books may vary slightly due to exchange rate fluctuations between the euro, US Dollar and British Pound. We are normally well stocked, but new orders might take up to four weeks to arrive from the USA
or the UK.

The Intergroup Literature Person only orders stock that is most in demand. However, more products are available on the website, such as bookmarks, chips and medallions and CDs. The Intergroup Literature Person can order these extra products on request, but this might involve extra customs duties to be paid by the person / group ordering these items.

Our group wants to offer books for sale at meetings. What is

Each individual CoDA group may decide to set up its own literature sales during its meetings, to help spread the message of CoDA. According to the CoDA Traditions, each group is autonomous in their decisions, although CoDA suggests using only CoDA approved literature.

Each group is responsible for the sale of literature at its meetings and it is up to each group to set prices of the literature it sells.

Our group needs reading materials. How do we get started?

The start-up documents that can help (new) meetings with general CoDA guidelines, information on Steps, Traditions etc can be downloaded for free from the international website

Reading material for the groups, such as books and pamphlets that are CoDA endorsed, can be purchased from the Intergroup Literature Person.

CoDA Intergroup also supports new CoDA groups in the Netherlands with a one-off literature startup package loan. This literature is not meant for further sale, but to be used at the meetings as reading material. It can be requested via email from the CoDA Intergroup Literature Person.

At this moment most of books / booklets/ pamphlets are in English only.
A Dutch folder ‘Welkom Bij Co-Dependents Anonymous’ is available for free download here.

A translation of the first three chapters of CoDA Big Book into Dutch (in PDF format) is available, though still pending an official distribution contract from CoDA USA. Until then, we do not have permission to copy or spread this translation outside of the meetings. It can be requested by email from the CoDA Intergroup Literature Person.