Website of anonymous codependents

About CoDA Intergroup

The Dutch CoDA groups are represented in the CoDA intergroup Netherlands (Formerly called CoDA Area Netherlands).
It is part of the CoDA World Organisation.

In the Intergroep business meeting, relevant issues are discussed every quarter, regarding CoDA Netherlands, the different Dutch groups and Codependents Anonymous, Inc. Additionally, if needed, there are topic meetings for special topics.

The Intergroup has the important goal of reaching codependents that are still suffering, in and outside of CoDA.

Furthermore, the Intergroup takes care of international contacts, literature and translations. To this end, other, separate committees exist that report to the Intergroup.

Open Service Positions

CoDA Intergroup is currently looking for volunteers for the following service positions:

  • Secretary

If you are interested or have questions about other service positions with the Intergroup, please read the description of the service positions here (Document in Dutch), or get in touch with