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Coda 12 and 12 workbook
The latest version of the CoDA Steps & Traditions Workbook for individuals and step study groups. Takes the reader through the Steps and...
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€ 17.00
Coda Big Book
4th UK Printing, 3rd Edition.   Contains in-depth readings on recovery, the CODA Fellowship, common questions, and personal stories from...
€ 21.00
CoDA Blauwe Boek
De Nederlandse vertaling van het CoDA Blue Book in de pocket versie.  
€ 5.00
Growing Up in CoDA offers a way of understanding our codependency by exploring, accepting, and healing our childhood injuries and...
€ 19.75
In This Moment Daily Meditation Book
APRIL 2022 Note: These are in production. Due to supply chain issues and great;ly increased materials' cost, it is taking...
€ 13.00
In depth readings on recovery, our Fellowship, common questions, Twelve Steps & Traditions, Patterns of CoDependence, etc. only without the...
€ 11.00
De Nederlandse vertaling van het CoDA Workbook is nu beschikbaar! Twaalf Stappen & Twaalf Tradities Werkboek van Anonieme Co-Dependents Prijs:...
€ 9.25
2023 marks the twentieth anniversary of CoDA’s original workbook, our guide for in-depth study of our Twelve Steps and Twelve...
€ 20.50